Exotic Gods Of Love

There are many religions, cultures civilizations each with their own idea of a God or Goddesses of Love.

Exotic Gods of Love

Here is a guide to the most famous gods and goddesses of love who have lived from the earliest of civilizations on. If not worshipped anymore, they live on in sculptures, paintings, scriptures, ruins of temples and in our childhood stories.

Roman God:

Cupid, the Roman God of Love has to be the most famous Love God with his cute Cherub avatar appearing on all Valentine’s Day banners. According to Roman mythology, Cupid is the God of love. Cupid is depicted in many paintings as a child with wings or a young winged man. He is also known by the Latin name “Amor.” It is said that if someone is in love that means he or she has been struck by Cupid’s arrows. Venus is another Roman Goddess of love, Cupid’s mother.

Greek God:

The equivalent of Cupid in Greek mythology would be Eros. Plato, in his book Symposium, has described that Eros was conceived by Penia (Poverty) and Poros (Plenty). This description sure does bring out the consequences of marriage! Aphrodite is another classical Greek God of Love.

Indian God:

The Hindu God of love is Kaam Dev. He rides on a parrot. His wife is Rati which means passion. Kaam Dev also has another female companion, Vasant, which means spring. He and his wife have a daughter, Ashrubindumatee.

So, these were the three exotic gods with their equally unusual stories.

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