What to do When You’re in Love with Your Best Friend

It becomes a really weird situation when you fall for your best friend and you don’t know how to express your feelings for him or her, coupled with this anxiety the possibility of losing them as a friend.

The best solution is to try to understand whether your friend has similar feelings for you. If you don’t think your friend will reciprocate your feelings then it’s best to avoid putting your friendship in jeopardy.

In Love with Your Best Friend

  • Know His/Her Feelings:

While it may be tempting to spill your guts to your friend, you need to take a step back and ask yourself if they feel the same way. Typical friendship behavior can be misconstrued, and you don’t want misread signals to endanger your friendship.

  • Does He/She  Date?

Think about how often your friend goes on dates with others. If he or she doesn’t, that could be an indication that they are reserving themselves for you.

  • So, your feelings are unrequited:

It can be alright if your friend does not reciprocate your feelings. Friendships have so many aspects and colors that if not love one should be happy to remain a friend.

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