Tips To Handle Office Break-Up!

Office break-ups can be a big mess because although you can ditch your partner romantically, you can’t do the same professionally (and if you can, it’s probably illegal). There’s no need to feel guilty for engaging in a consensual relationship with a coworker, however the aftermath must be handled with tact.

When returning to work with your new ex/coworker, keep a few things in mind:


Tips To Handle Office Break- Ups

Once you have decided to end the relationship there is no need to procrastinate the announcement of it. However, you need to maintain a level of professionalism, as this is not only your workplace, but theirs as well.

Remember He / She Is Your Colleague:

You have to maintain some kind of cordial relationship with your ex. Since he or she also happens to be your colleague the silent treatment likely won’t work. The same goes for any childish gossip.

Choose A Weekend:

You can’t help but to be a bit manipulative and wait for the weekend to end things.. This serves two purposes: First, you will in some way get rid of your guilt feeling. Second, your ex-partner will have some time to gather themselves before returning to work.

Your New Partner:

If your new boy friend or girlfriend happens to be from the same office then it can definitely introduce new problems. Try and be discreet for the first while.

Move forward after taking care of this tricky situation. Best of luck to you.

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