7 Body Language Signals To Avoid During Dating

Even when you aren’t expressing yourself with words, you might be revealing your inner tensions and nervousness through your body language. So, there are certain body language signals you should try to avoid during a date.

7 Body Language Signals To Avoid During Dating

There are at 7 body language signals that you should consciously try to keep away from during a date:

  • Eye Contact Avoidance:

Always maintain eye contact with your date. Eye contact shows your confidence and comfort with the person. You will be able to reach the other person’s heart through the eyes.

  • Slouching:

Always sit up and stand straight, this makes you appear self-assured. Slouching can be perceived as nervousness, low self-confidence and even laziness.

  • Fidgeting:

You must never fidget, sway or rock. Fidgeting gives the impression of clumsiness and makes you look awkward.

  • Gestures:

Artificial gestures, like a false or forced smile, can put off anyone. Unnatural gestures show that you are having some complex ideas in your head and might indicate that you are not focused on your date.

  • Standing Still:

Standing still for a long time means that you are not dynamic. Move around and show that you are not a bore. But remember to move round with some purpose.

  • Hands in pocket:

Uncommitted and interested this is how you are going to look if you keep your hands in your pockets all the time.

  • Annoying Movements:

Tapping shoes, jingling coins or doing other such annoying movements can really spoil the whole date. If you have an annoying habit try to consciously avoid it during the date.

Avoid these 7 body language signals; and make your body work in your favor.  Happy dating!

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