Signs That Show You Are Infatuated

Sometimes it becomes hard to understand whether you are madly in love with someone or are you obsessed or infatuated. It is really important that you look at the kind of things you do for that person and how you behave with him/her, to know whether it is mere infatuation.

Signs That Show You Are Infatuated

Here are ten signs from number 10 to number 1 showing that you are infatuated:

  • Number Ten:

    You are spying on her. You keep a tab on everyone she/he meets.

  • Number Nine:

    You want to see this person always. So, what do you do, you come in his way in some way or the other.

  • Number Eight:

    You dictate her / him what to wear or how to eat or how to eat.

  • Number Seven:

    Whenever you meet your partner you ask a plethora of questions.

  • Number Six:

    You go through his/ her stuff when he/she is not around.

  • Number Five:

    You plan to kill yourself if he/ she leaves you.

  • Number Four:

    You overdo things. Make a thousand calls a day even she /he is working or become fussy with her when she has a slight cold.

  • Number Three:

    You don’t remember when was the last time you met your friends or when was the last time you returned a call.

  • Number Two:

    You have totally stopped concentrating on your job or on any other hobbies that you used to pursue.

  • Number One:

    The girl’s family does not like your excessive attention. The most dangerous thing can be that the girl’s family has hired a private detective to investigate about your moves and actions!!

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  1. Hm, Now i am happy with this but nevertheless not utterly convinced, therefore i am gonna research a little more.

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