Top Ten Honeymoon Locales (Part-2)

If you read Top Ten Honeymoon Locales (Part – 1), then you are probably dying to find out the top five honeymoon destinations. If you did not read Part-1, why not?  But no worries because this article is going to tell you about the ultimate top five honeymoon locales.

Top Ten Honeymoon Locales (Part-2)

Here is a guide starting where we left off at the Number Five honeymoon locale leading you up to Number One, the ultimate location for both adventurers and romantics:

Number Five:

Las Vegas is the perfect place for both night owls and romantics.  You can visit a variety of themed casinos in Las Vegas then you could watch a Broadway quality show. For the ultimate romance, be sure to reserve a hotel room where you can enjoy Jacuzzi tub and a heart shaped couch bed.

Number Four:

For the definitive adventure including mountains, the ocean, lush rainforests and amazing waterfalls, head to Haiti.  Fill your honeymoon with hiking, snorkeling, swimming, photography and more.  Haiti is the place to go to create a lifetime of memories.

Number Three:

Now what is more adventurous then roaming the plains of Africa?  If you love adventure and wildlife then you should consider an African Safari. You can choose from a wide range of safaris located in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zanzibar or Tanzania. But hey, it is your honeymoon; so why not safari in all four locations?

Number Two:

At Number Two, we have the stunning country of Costa Rica with gorgeous beaches for swimming plus a high surf beach. Time away from the beaches can be spent at La Paz Waterfalls Garden and Volcano National Park while there you might try rafting.  Costa Rica is a rich and vibrant locale for honeymooning.

Number One:

Number One really should be no huge surprise.  It is the lovely Hawaiian Islands, of course. With its range of islands and beautiful beaches, it is the most alluring honeymoon destination. The beauty is only rivaled by the excitement.  What also is more exciting than visiting active volcanoes? Well, maybe the night-life on the Islands.  The Hawaiian Islands offers a little something for every type of couple.

So, these are the top ten honeymoon locales. Choose carefully and enjoy!  Congratulations on your marriage; and wishing you a happy journey not just for your honeymoon trip but for your new life together.


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