9 Signs: You Are Too Good For Your Boy/ Girl friend (contd.)

Read this to know the ultimate

Top Five Signs

which tell you are too good for your mate:

  • His/ Her Amazement:

    He/ She is too happy to get you as your partner. She/he is always amazed at anything and everything you do. She is amazed by the fact that you earn a pay check after every week or you can drive your BMW and pick him up. Think again whether you would like to stick with this person or not.

  • His /Her Hygiene:

    Some people just do not give any importance to proper hygiene. Do you find your mate always untidy ? does he never care to brush his teeth properly. Does she stink? Well, people who have always been a slattern do not generally change. You can give it a try but chances of changing oneself are quite bleak.

  • Lacking Natural Curiosity:

    You might be curious at many things that happen around you; as a human being you are naturally curious. Therefore, you are drawn to such things. However, your mate does not mention the meteor that just fell in front of you or he/ she does not even care to know how Chris Angels did a magic in a street near you when he wants to reveal his secret.

  • Sense Of Right and Wrong:

    He/ she borrows other people’s things without asking. He does not have any sense of right and wrong or she loves to shoplift rather take the trouble of going to the counter and buying things for herself. Well, only if you think in the same way you can stay with this person otherwise, call it quits.

  • His / Her Looks:

    When it comes to his/ her attractive features you just have good looks in the list….well..well..well. That happens to be number one in the list if the only asset of a person is his/her; looks the relationship can never be successful.

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