9 Signs: To Reveal Whether You Are Too Good For Your Boy/Girlfriend

Are you sure the person you are currently dating is suitable for you?  Have you considered the notion that maybe you are too good for him/her. How do you find out? Reading the article will help you discover whether you are too good for your boy/girlfriend.

9 Signs: You Are Too Good For Your Boy/ Girlfriend

Don’t stay together if he/she is not worthy enough of you.  The relationship will probably end in disaster anyway. Check the provided 9 signs that will tell you in a moment whether you are too good for your mate:

·         Conversation:

Is it only you who brings up an interesting topics to discuss? Your mate cannot even react to the topic properly because he/she hardly know anything about it or worse lacks an opinion. If this is the case, it means your mate has a peanut size brain and they are not worthy of you.

·         Your Friends:

Do all of your friends dislike your boy/girlfriend? Do they constantly tell you that they dislike him/her? Your friends have known you for a long time; and they also know what is good for you. So, you should give weight to what they say, because they might be stating the hard truth.

·         Encouragement:

Is he/she one of those kinds of people who need to be constantly reminded of their potential and worth? Without your encouragement, they think that they are good for nothing. It is okay if someone lacks confidence for some reason; but if your encouragement becomes routine then it means you will have to do this for the rest of your life if you stay with her/him.

·         Spending Money:

Are you are you the only one who pays for dates or cabs? Does he/she always let you pay? One day he forgets his wallet; and the next day she doesn’t notice that you already paid. This is a bad habit that should not and cannot continue for always. This person is not good enough for you.

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