First Date Don’ts: For Men

No guy wants to ruin his first date, right? There are some common mistakes guys tend to make. Here is a list of the top ‘don’ts’ for guys on their first date with the ladies.

First Date Don’ts: For Men

Some common mistakes that can be a real spoiler for a date are:

Trying To Be A Knight:

Opening doors for her in the car, in the restaurant, and in the house might be too much. The idea of behind chivalry is not to do every little thing for her. However, being a total slob is not acceptable.  Even if it is the best steak you’ve ever tasted don’t shovel it in. The key is to be a gentleman; the perfect blend of a knight and a spontaneous guy.

Choosing A Venue:

Because this is your first date, it is paramount that you choose a proper venue. The success, or failure, of the first date will determine whether there is a second date so choose wisely. Fast food joints scream that you are cheap; and fancy restaurants might say that you are a show-off. It is safest to choose a location that is between the two extremes like a nice local restaurant with great food and a pleasant ambience.


Letting your date choose the venue is a good idea; but do not ask the waiter what to order for dinner because this indicates that cannot make decisions. Therefore, you date will think that you are spineless and lack confidence.  There will be no second date.

The Television Threat:

Do not try to watch even a bit of TV while she is speaking about – anything. Man this is your first date and she deserves your complete undivided attention. Therefore, sit in such a way that you cannot see the television at all; this will keep you from being tempted to watch when she starts talking about her pet cat.  Really, save yourself from any trouble; try to avoid distractions.

Happy Dating!

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