First Date Blunders: For Men

Everyone wants their first date to be a perfect one with no mistakes whatsoever. However, men have to be very careful to avoid committing some common blunders that could seriously ruin the prospect of any future dates with this person.

Tips To Avoid Dating Blunders

Here are the top three common blunders committed by men on first dates. Avoid these three things and hopefully your date will be a complete success.


No girl wants the guy she is out with to be ogling the waitress or any other woman. This will make your date feel that you are not interested in her.   It also shows that you lack good manners. Ogle at other girls only if you completely want to spoil your date’s mood.

Taking and Making Calls:

When on a date, you should not even think of calling someone. As for taking calls, only take calls that are really very important. It is best if you can turn off your cell. Also don’t try to text message thinking that she will not notice; she will notice. If you are so busy that you cannot possibly avoid taking calls or checking texts then plan a date for some other time.

Getting Loaded:

When you go on a date, the girl expects you to take control of the whole affair. What will happen if you go on having drink after drink and the girl has to drive you to your place? If boozing was your intention don’t ask her out for that day. If you have problems controlling yourself then go to a restaurant that doesn’t have a bar.

Happy Dating!

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