Top 10 Cheap Date Ideas (Part-1)

Anyone would like to take his date to the Hawaii Islands; however, dreams don’t cost anything while a real trip to Hawaii does. So, you have to plan a great date that is within your budget. Here is a guide of the top 10 cheap dates where you will have a wonderful date without breaking the bank.

Top 10 Cheap Date Ideas

These are 5 out of 10 great ideas for cheap, but amazing, dates:

Coffee House:

Coffee houses are great for casual first dates. A lot can happen over a cup of coffee; and whatever happens it won’t cost you much.

The Great Outdoors:

Going for a bike ride or even hiking through the woods can make for a nice first date. Fishing from a lake or barbequing would be great fun. Make a day of it.  Carry some water and snacks for breaks throughout the day. Hey, you also might find opportunities to show your chivalry in the great outdoors.


A brunch date is a good idea if you do not want to spend a lot on a dinner. However, it is obviously costlier than the previous ideas. Brunch is a great change of pace; and it can be a good alternative for busy professionals that can’t quite schedule dates on Friday or Saturday nights; most people do not work on Sunday afternoons.

Art Gallery:

The most inexpensive date idea would be to take her to an art gallery. It’s a good idea if you do some research on the exhibits before taking her there. The research will do two things: first, you will have something to talk about if you know what’s on display and second, you can avoid exhibits that might be unsuitable for a first date. And just remember the cost can only go up if you buy her some postcards.


A sure hit would be to plan for a picnic near a lake or in a park. You will have a lot of time to connect; and the scenic beauty around you will create a lovely ambience for sure.  Picnics are very romantic; any girl will be impressed and want to go out with you again.

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