Top 4 Mistakes Guys Make On First Dates

It’s your first date.  It’s the first chance that you really get to know this girl.  Let’s not blow it.  There are four common mistakes that guys make on the first date.  Avoid those mistakes and hopefully, you will open up the possibility of many more future dates.

Top 4 Mistakes Guys Commit On First Dates


Yes, it is true that honesty is the best policy. But, hello! You are meeting this person for the first time so you really don’t know what kind of a person she is. Don’t make any crazy comments based on preconceived ideas about her.  Find out who she is.  And let her know what kind of person you really are.  And remember, you have to reveal all your past honestly but only when things turn serious, not before then.


She talks about her favorite movie; you interrupt her to say yours. She says she hates loud music; you jump to say you do the same. You are probably nervous but constant interruptions are not only impolite but it shows that you are not giving equal importance to what she is saying. Shared interest is a good thing; but you can tell her about your own interests after she has completely talked about hers.


What you wear on the first date is very important. That doesn’t mean you need to wear tuxedo. It means that you dress according to the ambience of the place where you and she are going. Both over-dressing and under-dressing can make a bad first impression; the former shows that you are putting forth too much effort and the latter says that you are giving no effort at all.  When in doubt, you might want to ask a female friend.

Taboo Talk:

There are certain subjects that you should never, ever speak of on your first date. These taboo subjects are money, religion, ex-lovers, heartbreaks, and politics. These topics can cause such strong feelings that it is best to avoid them on a date that is supposed to be light and fun.  You will have to delve into these topics if things get serious, but wait until then.

Remember this advice and have fun…

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