How to Make Someone Else’s Girlfriend Your Girlfriend

Most guys have to face this at least once in their lives:  they fall in love with a girl only to learn she has a boyfriend. It’s hard to know what to do in this situation, but there’s no need to feel disheartened. Take this as a challenge and try to win her heart in your favor.

How to Make Someone Else’s Girlfriend Your Girlfriend

Read on for some suggestions on how to face the situation and win it:

  • Analyzing The Relationship: Ask yourself what you have to offer to her. What about her present relationship? Is she really happy or is something missing? Find out about other factors like her lover’s personality, charm, and job, for example.  Maybe you have strengths or qualities that he is lacking.
  • During Conversation: Try not to bring the topic of her boyfriend during conversations you have with her. This will build an intimacy between the two of you which might be the starting point of your relationship.
  • Criticizing Her Boyfriend: This is something that you should never do. Criticizing her boyfriend will make her defensive and in turn strengthen their bond. You definitely do not want that, so this should never cross your mind.
  • How To Talk About Him: There will be times when the topic of her boyfriend’ will come up no matter how much you try to avoid the subject. In that case, listen to her.  Maybe she will open up and talk about the problems in her relationship, if any, and you can become her confidant.
  • Look At Yourself: Remember all that has been suggested should be used only if you really love this girl and she would be happier with you. Breaking apart someone’s happy relationship will never result in any long -lasting relationship if you are not truly in love.

Good Luck!

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