8 Insecurities Women Suffer From

Women are prone to some very common insecurities when it comes to relationships. Sometimes, a woman can turn into a maniac when they are too full of these doubts.

8 Insecurities Women Suffer From

All suffer from frailties of their own; however, women have some universal ones. To know about them read on:

Number One:

Her date may never give her a call.

Number Two:

Her boyfriend only wants to be physical with her.

Number Three:

Her partner might be dating other women simultaneously or is cheating on her. She might be scared that she will be cheated on especially if this has happened to her in the past.

Number Four:

Her boyfriend is not interested enough in her or his interest in her is decreasing day by day. She may think there is someone else who is stealing her partner’s attention, especially if her partner flirts with other women in front of her.

Number Five:

She is not as attractive to her boyfriend or partner the way she was at the beginning of the relationship.

Number Six:

She is not being able to satisfy her partner in bed. If she is directly told that she is not able to perform, then that will make her more insecure. So, it is better to suggest it in some other way.
An understanding and caring partner will never make a woman feel insecure in any of these ways because true love, affection, and concern build a bond of trust so strong that will not break so easily.

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