8 Kinds Of Males That Repel Females

What is the main reason that some guys can woo females easily and from other men women just flee? Mainly it is the personality differences in each that matters.

The Desperate Guy:

Females like men who are assertive, not ones who lean for support and reveal all their grievances on the first date.

The Conventional Guy:

Many women find a conventional man too predictable and boring.  Many woman don’t want to end up doing all the traditional stuff that has been done from time immemorial.

The Big Headed Guy:

No one likes a guy who brags about his previous girlfriends as if he is speaking of some conquests he has won. Likewise, no woman wants to be on a date with a man who is always flirting with the waitress.

The Rude Guy:

Who would like a guy who is arrogant as well as haughty? Women hate men who are too full of themselves or who give impolite answers to every question they are asked.

The Preacher Guy:

This man is a teetotaler and he expects everyone else to follow his example.  If you don’t share his views, he can become unpleasant and judgmental.

The Cheap Guy:

When this kind of guy asks a woman out, she should be prepared to go to a cheap fast food joint. Some women are okay with a guy who does not splurge while others will be repulsed by a guy who spends too much money going to a fine and sophisticated restaurant.

The Arguer:

This sort of man will argue even after he has lost the debate. This person does not have any reason, logic and intellect and is hence uninteresting and gets on his date’s nerves.

The Misogynist:

A woman would never want to have any sort of relationship with a person who openly declares to the whole world his bitterness towards women.

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