How To Ask Your Coworker Out

It can be a real big embarrassment if you want to ask your coworker out and she turns your invitation down. So, here are the warm-up exercises you need to do in order to ask your coworker out.



No …no I don’t mean you go and compliment her but rather that you compliment all the other ladies in the office. This is a kind of test. If you find that complimenting the other ladies makes the object of your affection a bit of jealous, that means she is interested in you.

Standing Out:

If there are already a great number of men asking her out or flocking to her and throwing themselves at her, then please don’t follow them. The woman will see it as a challenge to to win your attention because you are the only one left to be conquered.

Bump Into Her:

Subtly plan out your departure from the office so that it matches her’s. This gives you a good opportunity to get to know her better and also enables you to introduce yourself to her.

Your Conversation With Others:

Let her overhear your funny and exciting conversation with other colleagues, so that she wants to be at the receiving end sometimes.

Life Outside:

Let her get a peep at the life you lead outside of work. Let her know you are intelligent, charming and full of fun. This will make her want to be a part of it.

Flirting With Others:

If you really want to ask her out then don’t ever flirt with other women in front of her. At work functions and office parties, remember to control yourself especially if alcohol is served.  You don’t want to behave inappropriately or do something regrettable just because you had too much to drink.

Try these suggestions out and have a great date.

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