How To Conceal An Office Love Affair

It is easy to fall for someone in your office but it is very hard to conceal it from the others at work. However, it may be necessary to hide it for a number of reasons apart from the initial embarrassment and the desire to maintain your privacy. There is also another important factor — you two have just started dating each other and any sort of intervention from the outside can affect the relationship negatively.

How To Conceal An Office Love Affair

For those who want to keep their office romance a secret, here are some tips to follow:
Your Daily Routine:
If you change your daily routine, it is definitely going to raise suspicion. Having lunch with your new partner or arriving and leaving office with her/him will make your new relationship obvious.

Keep It A Secret:
Don’t tell anyone at work about your relationship. Only when you and your partner keep the whole affair to yourself will it stay secret. Otherwise gossip of an office romance will definitely spread like wild fire.

No Naughty Notes:
Passing notes, sending texts, or writing anything down will not do. Even emails may be tracked down by the internal servers available in many offices.

Attending Office Parties:
If you arrive at an office party hand in hand with your beau, don’t expect your colleagues to believe you when you deny that the two of you are seeing each other.

Your Work:
If you let your affair affect your work then there are chances your bad performance will attract attention. Having a few lovey-dovey moments in your office or exchanging some text messages might be tempting but think for yourself whether you want this transgression to be discovered.

Falling for a colleague is no crime, no taboo of any kind. It is okay to reveal it to your coworkers whenever you are confident to declare it to them fearlessly.

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