How To Keep Your Affair Exciting Forever and Always

There are stagnation points even in the newest affairs but there are ways to keep it fresh and exciting too.

Don’t Be There Always:

If you are always available whenever your partner calls, you might get taken for granted. However, it’s important to attend the most special occasions so that those moments become cherished memories.

Break All Rules:

Life is unpredictable. Make your love life unpredictable too. Call your partner in the morning and arrange for an impromptu date. This unexpected thoughtfulness will work wonders.

I Am Mysterious:

Don’t reveal too much of yourself. Surprise your partner. Sing her/him a song while you are driving (this advice is only for singers, of course). Reveal your talents one-by-one. Allow your mate to take pleasure in special or quirky things you can do and revel in his/ her delight.

Listen To Yourself:

Keep the relationship fresh means taking charge sometimes. Choose the venue for one of your dates. Encourage your partner to join you in a new activity. You do not always need to accommodate your partner’s desires. Remember, if you make it a habit now, it will remain so in the future.

Hang Around With Friends:

It is good to hang around with your friends sometimes. Your boy/ girlfriend should know that you have a social circle where you are wanted. If this evokes some jealousy from your partner, remember, a bit of healthy jealousy does no harm.

Love making:

Let your partner make the first move, so that you feel wanted and thoroughly enjoy it.
Any relationship requires the healthy blending of both fun and seriousness to keeps it heading toward the next stage of commitment.

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