Make An Impression Through The First Phone Call

When you have already gotten hold of the telephone number for your crush, it’s easy to think with your heart and not with your head. There lies the problem: your intentions might be good but you just might not be able to communicate clearly.

You can make a killer impression through the first telephone conversation. You just have to think before you dial and put as much planning and effort into the conversation as you did into getting the number in the first place
Make An Impression Through The First Phone Call

• How Long Should The Conversation Be?
A short conversation works well.

• How To End The Call?
Be positive. The person you called will remember what you said last so keep that in mind.

• What Is The Purpose Of Your Call?
It is best to call with a purpose in mind. Ask your crush out during the first call; this will prove you are assertive as well as thoughtful.

• What Should Be The Tone Of The Conversation?
Try to keep any sort of emotional baggage to yourself. This is not the time to reveal all of your past failed relationships and make for a gloomy start.

• How To Treat The Answering Machine?
Don’t leave a message on the first call. It will make you look too desperate.

• When Should One Make The Call?
The first phone call should never be made during the working hours because that will reveal you are daydreaming about this person. Moreover, the object of your affection may not be comfortable receiving a call during her/ his working hours.

• How Should You Leave A Message?
If you happen to leave a message on the answering machine, be very careful because the message can be played more than once. Very long and incoherent messages are something you do not want.
Morning shows the day, so the right phone call can open opportunities galore.

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