Men Are Afraid When Women Say”¦

Relationships are full of surprises and uncertainties both bad and good. However, there are certain things men are afraid to hear from their partners, no matter what the context. Men have always been scared of the unpredictable ways female brains work.
Men Are Afraid When Women Say”¦
Here are a few things men never want to hear from their women:

• Talking About Their Prowess:
In the middle of love-making, a man never wants a woman to say “that’s enough” or ask “Are you done yet?” That makes a man go completely out of his wits because it questions his competence as a lover. Men are egoistic by nature and are fearful when they have to face such questions.

• Talking About Dance Lessons:
Men are extremely threatened if they encounter such a request. Men don’t like ballroom dancing and taking dance lessons means showing this in public at every social gathering.

• Asking Him About Anything Different In Her:
When a women has gotten a haircut or lost half a pound she likes her man take notice. If he fails to notice, he knows he will have an earful, so this definitely is on the list.

• Telling Him She Needs To Talk:
When a woman says “we need to talk,” it can mean a whole range of possibilities, from wanting her man to bring home dinner tonight to needing a break from the relationship. As soon as she says this to him the man’s brain starts reeling.

• Asking Him What Day It Is:
Men are forgetful by nature, so, when a woman asks “do you know what day it is?”, it generally means it must be a very important day. Now, the problem is the man, more often than not, cannot remember what the special occasion is.
After all, men will be men and even women cannot change their nature; men will forever be afraid of these topics.

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