How To Impress Your Girlfriend’s Dad

Dads are very protective of their daughters; no guy will ever be good enough. A dad does want his girl to be happy and to realize her dreams, just not with the guy she has brought home. Don’t feel bad. Every guy has to go through this if he wants to take his relationship to the next level. Read on to find ten useful ways to impress your girlfriend’s dad:

  • No Public Displays of Affection:
    Dads want their little girls to stay their little girls forever so it is best if you do not show any signs of intimacy in front of him.
  • Don’t Be Casual:
    Always err on the side of formality. Address him as sir unless told otherwise.
  • Learn His Interests:
    Ask your girlfriend about her father’s interests beforehand so that you have some topics to touch on when given the chance.
  • Bring a Gift:
    Again, find out from your girlfriend beforehand what he likes and bring something suitable. If he is a wine lover or a cigar connoisseur, bring one of those for him for example.
  • Keep Your Word:
    Be punctual. Stick to your word so that no matter how he might try to find fault with you, your kept promises will win him over eventually.
  • Be a Gentleman:
    Her dad will notice your manners, particularly in relation to his daughter.
  • Listen to His Stories:
    Be a good listener, and patiently listen to whatever he says.
  • Take His Advice:
    Try taking some of his advice about your career or studies. You can learn from his experiences and it will make him feel as if you value his opinion and respect him.
  • Be Reliable:
    Dress well, and maintain your car – fathers notice these things. After all, his daughter is the most precious person in his life.

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