How To Use Pick-Up Lines

You have to start somewhere when you are talking to a woman for the first time, so pick-up lines can be valuable tools – if you know how to use them.

When you use a pick-up line, be sure it is better than “Have I seen you somewhere before?” Use your own creativity and wit. Here are a few suggestions of pick-up lines:

  • Is this seat taken?
    If you are in a bar, politely ask the lady whether the seat next to her has been taken. If it has not, ask if you may sit there. Simple and straight forward.
  • Would you like to dance?
    Ask her to dance with you. It helps if you can dance well.
  • How do you like this place?
    Asking her how she likes the place will often initiate a discussion.
  • May I buy you a drink?
    This will signal that you are interested and can even start a conversation about drink selections.
  • Would you help me?
    Asking her to assist you in finding the right counter, in ordering a meal or in fixing a drink is a good way to start a conversation.
  • May I walk you to your car?
    When you find a woman walking all alone, offer to escort her to the elevator or her car.
  • Your smile is beautiful.
    Simply compliment her, whether it’s on her smile, her dress or something else that strikes your fancy. Be sure that it is genuine, though; she will be able to tell if it is not.
  • Just avoid the clichés and be yourself.

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