Is It Okay To Date A Friendless Guy/ Girl?

For the most part, man (and also woman) is a social animal and loves to mingle with others. Of course it is also true that sometimes, we love to stay alone. However, should we go for a guy or girl who does not have a single friend?

There can be numerous reasons why a person is without a friend, so analyze the causes before going out with that person.

A Loner:

There is high probability that this person is a loner so he/ she will not be dependent on you for anything. You can go out with this person in any clothes because he/she would not have any problem with that. However, he/ she will not be very committed, at least initially. He/ she would also want to have his own space in the relationship.

Just Moved Here:

The person can be friendless because he/ she is new to the place. This, of course, is a temporary phase and does not depend on her/ his nature. Anyway, this individual would be a bit dependent on you initially as he/ she takes some time to make new friends.

Doesn’t Get Along:

Sometimes a person is not good in making friends with others of the same gender.  In the case of a man, this means that he will always be surrounded by ladies. This could make his partner jealous. In case of a woman, she may not be able to get along with other girls. That means you will have an earful if she finds you with your ladies friends.

Lost Touch:

May be this person has lost touch with all his/ her friends out of devotion to his/her previous partners. If this is the case, then it would mean this time he/ she would stay devoted. Again, this would also mean she/ he is going to stick with you in all your outings.


Working too much can mean he/ she simply loves his work, is toiling in order to earn extra green notes and a better career. The downside is that this person may not have enough time to devote to you.

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