What not to do when Dating Online

When you date online, you don’t know anything about the person on the other side. It can be easy to make a wrong move and sabotage your efforts. Here is a guide to help you date online successfully. Read on:

  • Long Conversations:
    When you e-mail someone, don’t make it too long. No one wants to read your life story in an e-mail so keep it short and sweet.
  • Offensive Language:
    Ditch the “dirty talk.” It can offend many people or attract the wrong sort of person.
  • Lies:
    Lies tend to come out, especially if you lie about your age, income or marital status. And when they do, you will likely lose that person you were interested in.
  • Too Many Messages:
    When you start sending too many messages, it makes you appear desperate and needy. This can be a definite turn-off. Two messages per day is a good guideline to follow.
  • First Moves :
    When it comes to asking someone out, try not to look desperate. Let the other person make the first move.

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