Indian Love: Now and Then

Real-life stories are not like the movie. There may be some couples who relate their love story to the movie. But in reality, every love story doesn’t have a happy ending. Even if they get married, the complications, bruised egos or domination can lead to break up or divorce.

Love is not about counting the number of years you have been together. Your love or relationship may be old enough to be recognized as the most long-lasting love, or unbreakable love, but how far do you really think there is good understanding between the two of you?

There are innumerable successful love stories in this world, some of the most famous love stories that entered into the books are: Romeo and Juliet, Laila – Majnu, Devdas – Paro, Shah Jahan and Mumtaz and many more to list.

There wasn’t any concept of break-up as such, once a couple decides to get along, then they would actually wait for their marriage. The system of marriages are also changing with time. Previously marriages used to take place by getting engaged — the bride and the groom were from the same caste or same relation or religion. Marrying a person from another caste was a sin in olden days.

Any person falling in love with person of another caste or other religion would cause violence and outrage between the two families or communities. This type of scenario was much more serious between Hindu-Muslim, Hindu-Christian and Muslim-Christian communities.

But now the time has changed and so have the marriages. Marriages are travelling parallel with the trend. Every alternate boy or a girl is in love, there is no age bar, there is no caste feeling and both parties financial status is considered, but the long-lasting love stories are hardly found.

This is why the word “love” is fading. The one-night stand, live-in relationship, attraction, part-time boyfriend/girlfriend culture is actually taking off the watermark of love.

This is how love is now, but for tomorrow – it is unknown.

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