Is it Love or is it Infatuation?

The word “Love” is defined differently in different languages by different people. If you look at the dictionary, you will find innumerable definitions about love. Love is not showed in just one way, but it has several characteristics. Love may look as small as a four letter word, but when it is experienced, it holds a great impact on the life for both the people in love and their circle of friends and family.

Love is present everywhere in this world, sometimes it appears on T-shirts, stickers of love in your personal rooms, greeting cards, wall papers, desktops and is the favorite subject of poetry, movies and songs.

It is a known fact that love rules the world; it is so powerful that it even melts down hard glaciers. Some take the advantage of love and play around with emotions. It is so impactful that it can turn down a very active person into depression and a depressed person to the happiest one.

Love is further categorized into different types; it can be a family love, mother-and-child love, brotherhood love, friendship love, or special love for the person in your heart.

According to Holly Brisbane and Audrey Rider, the difference between love and infatuation is
It is NOT LOVE when…

  • Feelings are based on one or two qualities of a person.
  • Thoughts are of your own needs and feelings.
  • Separation causes you to forget him or her.
  • You want or plan to change the person.
  • You are too much in love to eat or work.
  • Differences are ignored.
  • It happens suddenly and impulsively.
  • You can’t wait; there is a big rush.
  • It rises and fades fast.

It IS Love when…

  • Feelings are based on the total personality of the loved one.
  • You work hard for your loved one, yourself, and your relationship.
  • You put the loved one’s needs ahead of your own.
  • It grows as two people get to know one another.
  • You accept the person’s faults and they accept yours.
  • Feelings endure separation.

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  1. so true…love rules the world & has a great impact on our lives…

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