Why Men Lose Interest in Great Women

Many women say that it is very difficult to find a great guy these days, especially a little later in life after divorce or a serious break-up.

If you get a chance to meet a great guy, how would you know what this man is looking for in a woman? You may be good at judging a person, whether he is trustworthy or good enough to be accepted, but you cannot read what’s going on in his mind.

Most importantly, do you know how to make him recognize you as the right woman for him, and how would you know that this person is interested in you and looking for a long-term relationship?

Meeting people and dating is not an easy task. At times you may feel nervous and get a little freaked out or apprehansive. But many women think they know everything about a man and pretend to understand what he wants from a woman. But at the end, too many women end up committing the same mistake – they speak about a lot of things that attracts a man, instead of doing what works for him.

Women often assume that he is a perfect match but some don’t really think about how the man feels about her.

Maybe you have come across a situation where a guy you loved suddenly lost interest in you after going out with you several times, or even after being intimate with you, and you could never understand why, no matter how hard you analyzed your relationship after the fact.

Maybe that man didn’t see you as a special women in his life. It is tough to understand a man’s heart. There are chances of him seeing you as just another girl and therefore he will start thinking that he would be better single or playing the field.

Or he might also end up choosing a “less attractive woman” to be with, who doesn’t have all the amazing qualities of a “real woman” that you have. But he still sees her as that special woman which is different than how he sees you.

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