Men Are Suckers For Romance

Back are the days of women attracting men, For some time back, it was men, turning around them all the beautiful girls. A survey conducted on men and women revealed that men fall in love more frequently than women.

Men are leading the race with an intention to express quickly, the three magical words “I Love You’ to their patners. Just after a few date’s they lose their control over their feeling and emotions and tend to speak-out those three words to their so called girlfriends.

Well women are more matured and they think before commiting to a guy, who is so quick on his decision. Women take their own time before saying those three words to their partners. but men are high on emotions, who tend to express all their feelings to women.

But ther is one thing to watch out for – the men, who show excess love in the beginning are not the same after few months. They fall in love quickly and are also likely to break-up, before they get to know each other. For some, love is like an ice cream – its good when it is fresh, it melts with the time. In the same way, men’s love is strong in the begining of their relationship, but it disappears as it grows older.

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