5 Things Men look for in a Woman

Men now-a-days are very particular about their girlfriends, though if he is planning for a short term love, he is likely not to be as picky. He wants to see a girl, who has all the qualities of a great woman.


A few traits he wouldn’t want to miss out on in a woman are:

1. A woman who leads an independent life

We men do not take this as a compliment; here the guy actually wants the girl to take care of herself. She has to do all her things by herself without involving her boyfriend in order to be attractive.


2. She never makes the first move:

 Most of the time, it’s the woman who tries to make a plan, not knowing whether her boyfriend is interested or not. Instead, she should let her boyfriend to do the planning.


3. She is sexy without showing too much affection:

 Men feel that women should not express flirtatious love in the beginning of the relationship. Doing so will affect their image and displays a false intention.


4. She should be her boyfriend’s best friend:

 She should stand by her boyfriend, whenever he is in need. For example, she should help him dress well if going for a office meeting to help him impress his boss. Laugh at his jokes and help him in managing things at home are other things she should do.


5. She should keep off the pressure:

 No man likes his girlfriend to be extra possessive, and he doesn’t like her calling him all the time. Men feel pressured and irritated when they get calls while working or during a meeting.


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