How To Help Your Boyfriend To Be Healthy

Help your mate to be healthier, but don’t force him to be healthy. Your boy friend is not a kid to be reminded about it all the time. Instead you can give him reasons why he should follow the healthy list. Men hate repeated approaches so keep it short, convincing and simple.

Regular check-ups:

Men usually don’t bother much about their health. They ignore screens and test that are scheduled for them. Men above 30 should go for regular check-ups in order to monitor their heart and pro-activeness.

Avoid Stress

Stress is one main factor for anxiety and high blood pressure. So avoid stressful situations at your home and work place as well. There is a solution for every problem, shouting and yelling doest solve the problem. If you have children, you can leave them at your friend’s place and share a moment together and come out of the situation.

Exercise Together

Exercise is the best way to keep the cholesterol and blood pressure low. It also improves the nervous system and help in maintaining weight. 20 – 30 minutes of exercise per day is a must for any couple. It also helps in improving your sex life.

Maintain diet

Give your boyfriend a perfect diet, do not add lot of cheese or butter in his food, it adds lot of fat. Do not keep fatty foods or snacks in the kitchen or in the refrigerator. As it is easy to grab for your boyfriend. You can serve him lot of fruits and veggies. The most important thing is making him quit smoking.

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