He Didn’t Call Back After A Great Date

There could be innumerable reasons for a man not calling back after a great date. As a woman, you should be prepared for this before going out on a date. You need to know, what kind of a person you are going out with. If you don’t do a little research, then you would probably not know how men think about dating.


You wait for his call after a great date, but he disappoints you by not calling at all. Then you rack your brain trying to figure out what went wrong. But you truly can think of nothing that you did that was out of line. In such situations, you can know that there are three common reasons that a guy doesn’t ask a girl out again. And they are

1. He didn’t feel that “something”
3.Irrational Preferences

The first common reason that men say, why they fell for, and chose, the woman
they’re with is, “She just had something special about her, and I felt so great around her.”.Men say that they want a woman who has certain features, or looks, or is a certain way… Usually, no one can describe what they are looking for. They just know it when they see it. If you can make a man feel that magic feeling of ‘attraction’ when he’s with you… and you create both physical and emotional attraction, (attraction deeper than just a man’s physical desire) then your man will not leave you, and he will want to be around you all the time, and won’t be able to keep himself from calling you again.

You need to know how to lead and handle the situation forward by creating and keeping the attraction going. While attraction seems like something hard to define, it can still be a skill to know how to create it

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