How to convince your parents to let you date

Dating is a way men and women get to know each other better. Every boy or girl at a certain age would feel the urge to get to know the opposite sex a little better. They would have a feeling of going out with that someone special just to get to know him/her more.

Tips to convince your parents to let you date:

 You are more than eager to start dating but, your parents still consider you a baby. You could win their confidence and trust with this approach:


  • The first and foremost this is to prove it to them how responsible you are. If you are done with your schooling, try getting into some a job. Meet all your deadlines on time. And never give anyone a chance to complain about you or anything that you do. Show them that you are a mature person.
  • Suggest going on a group date to your parents. Tell them that you would like to go out with a group of friends whom they know.
  • Introduce your crush to your parents. Have your parents meet him, speak to him and get to know him better.
  • Negotiating with your parents wouldn’t do any harm. You could always ask your parents to drop you off and pick you up. Even while you are away with your date, keep calling and informing them about your whereabouts. This would keep them relaxed.
  • Always suggest an afternoon date.


These are few tips you could use to convince your parents to let you date. Remember, one thing. Your parents love you and would always want you to be safe. Never put down their advice.

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