How to Get a Guy to Dance with You

Christmas is fast approaching, and you are invited for the biggest Christmas ball in town. There is just one problem. You want to enter the dance contest, but the rules for the contest say: “Please note: Only couples entry”. Now what? You are single and have no clue as to how to approach a guy for a dance. You met a cute guy recently whom you think would be your perfect dance partner. And to add to it, you know he is going be at the ball. Now, the question is how to get him dance with you? You would really need courage to take such a step, as fear of rejection would keep haunting you.

Well, here are few tips you could use to ask a guy for a dance:


  • Talk to him just to find out if he is interested in you. The best way to find out is by making eye contact and flashing a beautiful smile. If you get the same in return, congratulations! You’ve accomplished your first step.
  • His body language is the next thing you would have to observe. If you find him nodding his head to the music, then probably he would also want to get there and dance.
  • Keep him engaged in conversation, and then casually ask him ‘Want to dance?’ Remember never to ask a guy for a dance when he is with a group of friends. You would have to hear a “NO” for sure.



  • Do not make fun of him if he isn’t dancing well. Remember, dancing is all about having fun.
  • Drinking and dancing is fine. But if you are too drunk, there are possibilities of you becoming a laughing stock on the dance floor.
  • If a guy has a girl by his side, do not ask him for a dance. Not even if he is showing interest towards you.


Remember to take everything positively. Don’t feel rejected if you get a no. Just say ‘OK’ and move away with a smile.

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