How to date a Cancer woman

You are at a coffee shop sipping on ‘cold cafe latte’. You suddenly notice this gorgeous girl walk past you and realize she’s your childhood friend. You call out her name and the next moment you find her in front of you sipping on ‘cold cafe latte’ too. You talk about everything possible under the sun and during the course of the conversation, she casually mentions that she’s a Cancerian. At the end of the conversation you realise you’ve begun to develop a soft corner in your heart for her. You decide to ask her out on a date the next day. The big question is: How would you impress a Cancerian woman?

Here are few tips you can use:

  • Cancerian females love to be assured that they are safe and secure. Treat her to a quiet and calm candlelit dinner.
  • They feel most comfortable in a domestic setting. Make sure you select a homely place for your date. A beach or mountains would be the perfect place where a cancerian woman would blossom.
  • Cancerian women are very sensitive and cannot stand criticism. They get deeply hurt by harsh words. Treat them tenderly and gently like a rose.
  • They can be very moody at times. They are extremely happy at one moment and get depressed in the very next moment. Don’t get upset by their mood swings. That’s the way they are.
  • Don’t have too many expectations from a Cancerian woman even after an amazing night in Vegas. They love deeply but at the same time are very self-protective.

These are few handy tips you can use while dating a Cancerian woman.

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