How to make a man fall in love with you!!!

Just imagine, one morning you wake up and realize you are in “love”. You’ve met this very cute guy at the party last night and went weak in your knees the moment he told you “Hi sweetie! You look gorgeous tonight”. You begin thinking about trying to make him fall in love with you. You have no idea or understanding as to how men fall in love though.

Here are a few dating techniques you could follow and then never have to wonder how to make a man fall in love with you again.

 The most important thing is to connect with the guy on a deeper level. This is only possible with friendship. The best way to get into a serious relationship is to start it with friendship. This way you would get to know the person inside and out. You would have a clear picture of his hopes, dreams, likes, dislikes, wants, needs and the list goes on.


Mutual  affection and regards will strengthen your relationship.

 His admiration for you should extend to your entire personality, and not only to one or two of your attributes. Initially he would get attracted to your external appearance, the time you spend with him, the way you make him feel, etc. But as the relationship moves on, he should fall in love with the real and genuine you, the person you are on the inside.

So don’t just focus on one thing, i.e making him fall in love with you. In the end it’s you who is going to lose if you do things that way.


Be confident in all that you do.

Most men long for confident women. Confidence makes a woman even more attractive.


Take good care of yourself.

Eat healthy and stay healthy. Take pride in the way you look. This makes you more confident.


Let him see you as a ‘sweetie’, ‘hottie’ and the real side of you.

The sweetie side of you means your warm, kind and caring nature. The hottie side reflects your feminine qualities, and the real side portrays your true character.


The bottom line is that love, dating and romance can be magical experiences as you grow into a woman who naturally attains and deserves the dreams she desires.

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