How to tell your boyfriend you love him

It is exciting and amazing when you make up your mind to tell the man of your dreams that you love him. After all, you’ve been waiting all this while to express your feelings for this special person in your life. Now when this opportunity has knocked on your door, you should be more than happy to express those three magical words “I LOVE YOU”.

Once you realize that he feels the same for you, the nervousness automatically disappears. All you have to do is just relax, and remember that this is not a romantic drama or a television show, but your life. He expects you to be yourself. He expects fun and romance all around him.

Here are a few ideas you could use to express your love for your guy. In other words to let him know how much you love him:

  • They say that, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Plan a wonderful meal. Try making it yourself. Make sure you set the table in a romantic way by using candles and flowers and the best dishes. Do not forget the background music. It should be slow, soft and romantic.
  • Visit a place you both really enjoy. It could be the place you first met, or the place you went on your first date. You could then get a little romantic by looking into his eyes and telling him how much you love him, or simply saying, “I love you honey” would also do.
  • You could send him flowers with a cute note saying “gathering guts to tell you- I love you.” These flowers could be delivered to his work place, or if you are together in a restaurant, you could ask the waiter to give it to him. You can also send him an e-card. There are thousands of those available on the net.
  • You could wait for the perfect moment to kiss him good night. This could happen at the end of your date.

Well, if you follow these tips along with your own ideas, you are sure to make your relationship blossom all your life.

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