How to survive a heart break

You have spent the entire night in tears. The one you loved more than your life has left you in the middle of nowhere and gone away. You have mood swings – ranging from depression to anger and other bitter emotions. All you want to know now is how to survive and what can make you feel better?

Well, this article is all about how to survive a breakup. Here are a few pieces of advice you could use which would help you cope up and give you a ray of hope to move on:


Family and friends:

 At the end of everything, it is your family and true friends who would give you a shoulder to lean on. Keep yourself engaged by talking to them, and sharing your heart.


Change your lifestyle:

 Find unique ways to spend your time. You could join a dance class, or possibly a gym. This would keep you busy and at the same time help you stay fit. Do things that will make you feel good about yourself. Your ego is hurt at present. Find a way to heal that.


Understand that you are not a failure and try learning from your mistakes:

 Well, you are a human being. You’ve made a mistake. That’s natural. Don’t simply beat yourself up over that. It requires two to build or break a relationship. So don’t put the entire blame on yourself. Always remember that the mistakes you make now will make your next relationship stronger. That is, if you learn from it now.


Start Dating Again:

 This is one tip that works wonders most of the time. This could divert your mind completely. But remember, keep the date as casual as possible, and do not jump into a serious relationship. Rushing into one would only end up hurting one of you.


Resist the urge to plead:

 You know you want him back, but not at the cost of your self-respect. You may find it right to ask him to get back together. You obviously would. But this would only show your poor self-esteem. Yes, if you feel there are chances for your relationship to work out, you could always talk to him about it. But pleading would worsen the situation even more.

These Tips would surely mend your broken heart.

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