Ways To Show Your Boyfriend You love him

You love your boyfriend. Yes! even he knows that. You call him every hour and end the conversation by saying” i love you”, you meet him almost everyday and kiss him goodbye saying “i love you”. Don’t you feel your relationship is getting a little boring? Don’t you feel your love life is becoming a routine? Do you want to spice up your love life? Want to be a little more creative ?

Well, here are few ways you could show your boyfriend how much you love him:

  • They say “action speaks more than words”. He has heard enough of your words. Why not put those words in action now? And, now that Valentines day is around the corner, what can give you a better excuse?
  • Prepare a beautiful romantic meal for him, preferably dinner. Set up the place with candles and flowers and some scented oil. Play soft and romantic music at the background and get yourself all ready to pamper your love bug.
  • You could arrange for a spa for the two of you. This would even give him a break from his hectic schedule and keep him relaxed.
  • You can dedicate a song for him on the radio or simply sing it yourself for him.
  • Treat him with a date that is all about him. Take him to places where he would feel like heaven for Eg: a football match, and do not complian while in the stadium.
  • The best gift you could ever give your boyfriend is his own space and privacy. Don’t force rules on him and remember never nag him.

These tips will surely put him on Cloud 9.

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