How To Date A Capricorn Woman

Determining how to react in front of the person you like can be difficult, especially if you are just getting to know them. Astrology may be one of the many solutions to help you face this challenge.

If you are dating a woman whose birthday falls between Dec 21st and Jan 19th, you can use the tips below for dating a Capricorn.

  • To a Capricorn woman, looks matters. Your overall appearance is very important to her. So dress well and put in effort to look your best.
  • A Capricorn female is goal-focused, making her professional life a priority over her personal life. So do not be surprised or take it personally if she cancels a date at the last minute. This is her nature.
  • Plan a date involving friendly competition. This is very important to Capricorns. The date could be mini golfing or bowling.
  • Let her win often. She loves victory. Make sure she doesn’t catch you losing on purpose though, as this could upset her.
  • A Capricorn female is very independent and has tremendous control over her emotions. Avoid calling her continuously or seeking too much attention. She will gradually begin to lose interest in you.
  • Capricorn women are generally shy and reserved, so be patient for her to open up to you.

If you follow these handy tips while dating a Capricorn, you will win her heart.

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