How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is Using You

It is quite natural to get involved in a romantic relationship, but sometimes you do not realize when your partner is using you for his selfish needs. In the beginning, his needs may be small but gradually, it may end up by you paying his rents or taking him shopping without a word of thanks from him.

This article will help you figure out few ways to understand whether your guy is really is in love with you or using you.

  • Comparing is bad, but at times it helps you know the truth. Compare and examine your relationship with your friends. Ask them what is their opinion about certain behaviors. For Eg: its always you who pays the bill after a meal, or its always you you buys him things, takes him shopping without anything being reciprocated from his end. If all your friends feel he is taking advantage of you, there are chances that he really is.
  • You know when your guy is using you when he crosses the line drawn by you. This can happen during sex or even if he fools around with you to a extent where you are embarrassed.
  • If your boyfriend always borrow money from you and never cares to return it, take it for granted that he is simply using you for his selfish needs.
  • If he hangs around with you during cool parties or get together, he may be using you for your popularity.
  • If you really love him and want to be with him forever despite knowing the fact that he is using you, confront him, let him know his behavior towards you hurts and give him time to change. If he changes, good for you, if he doesn’t leave him and move on.

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