How to Date a Scorpio woman

Ever wondered if your Scorpio woman stings? Scorpion females are very complicated, exciting, wild, and extremely strong. If you are dating a woman whose birthday falls in between Oct 23rd and Nov 21st, she’s a Scorpio.

Use the below tips if you are taking a Scorpio woman out on a date.

  • Scorpio women love men who can challenge and overpower them. However, she dislikes being possessed. Avoid exhibiting your weaknesses in front of her.
  • She will show love and affection through words but not actions. This is her nature and you must deal with it.
  • Gift your Scorpion woman something that is not too feminine and she will appreciate it.
  • Scorpion females can get very suspicious at times. Never give her an opportunity to suspect you.
  • She is an extremely adventurous and passionate female. Dating her would be a once in a life-time experience.
  • While out with a Scorpion female, expect the unexpected. They can be very loving at one moment and harsh the very next.
  • Be considerate and honest with a Scorpio. They are very protective about their feelings, so you cannot afford to hurt her.
  • They crave love and kindness. Keep this in mind while dating her.
  • Scorpio females are very traditional. Take her out for a quiet and romantic dinner.

Knowing her character traits will make it easy for you to win her heart.

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