Common Teenage Love Problems

Teenage love is complicated. Most people experience their first love during their teenage years. They go through different situations and experience various emotions. As a teenager, falling in love can be quite exciting. The whole world of love may seem beautiful, but maintaining a long- term relationship can get very difficult.

There are numerous problems a teenager faces while in love. Some of which include:

Lack of maturity:

Being a teenager occurs during a period between childhood and adulthood. It is quite natural and normal for a person to get attracted to the opposite sex during this time. Unfortunately, teenagers do not possess the level of maturity that a permanent relationship requires. They do not understand the fact that love is a two sided emotion. It involves giving and taking. It needs time to blossom. If one person is more mature than the other, that person will expect the same in return. This lack of maturity is the reason that most teenage love does not succeed.


Time is another factor that comes in between teenage love. They are so occupied with school, homework, meeting friends, etc, that they do not find time for their relationship. This causes bitterness in the relationship.

Future plans:

The problem with future plans occurs when each member of the relationship hasdifferent ideas about the future that don’t match up. One person may move permanently to another state while the other remains in the same school. These differences bring an end to the relationship.


It is during the teenage years that people begin to time experience lust and other confusing emotions that come with it. There are many reasons to avoid sexual intercourse during that period of life. It may bring the relationship to an end if one person desires a deeper level of physical intimacy than the other person is ready for.

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