How to date a Gemini male

Dating a Gemini guy is like dating two people at the same time. At one moment he can tell you how much he cares and loves you, the very next moment he may call off the date. You will have to prepare yourself to be alone most of the time. If you really love him and decide to spend the rest of your life with him, you will have to adjust to this nature of his.

    A real world relationship can be too grounding for a geminine man, as he is always in his imaginary world.

    He is never satisfied with what he has and what he is because, he feels, he deserves much more that what he has or he is. He is never sure of what he actually wants in life.

    He would always love to be the center of attraction wherever he goes. He is quite popular with both, males and females.

    He would like to live an independent life and would give the same freedom in return.

    He would always want to have his own space. Distance is something which could get him close in a relationship.

    Be humble and have patience with him. He is quite likely to get irritated with small things.

    He would prefer staying away from a smooth and steady life. He finds it very tedious and boring.

    Avoid doubting your Gemini man. He hates to be suspected.

These are a few qualities of a Gemini male which is a “must know” before dating him.

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