How to date a Cancer man

Shy, but always having control over things, the totally family man, and maybe one of the most romantic sign of the zodiac, the Cancer is more or less the perfect partner. The Cancer man is generally attracted to warm, lively and beautiful women. You won’t see a Cancer standing next to a woman who lacks optimism and a positive state of mind. Insecurity is one of the many reasons they avoid taking the first step in approaching a possible mate. Their shyness throws them in a continuous cat and mouse game.  A Cancer man loves being on the spotlight! If the man you are dating is a representative of this sing, boosting up his spirit every now and then would be your main work in order to keep your relationship alive and ongoing.

Tips to keep in mind while dating a Cancer man!

  1. Do not expect your man make the first move in anything. He expects you to initiate calls, write messages and date plans. Initiating activities will help you keep your relationship ongoing.
  2. Be sincere! Profess your feeling to him as much as you can. A Cancer will always appreciate you when feelings are the main topic for discussion.
  3. Your Cancer man is the best for talking with! Random talks about his past, childhood days, hobbies, and so on, all these will help him open up to you thus, strengthening the trust factor between you and him.
  4. Cancer males are home birds. They love being nurtured and safe. Cook him a good and juicy meal, or take him for a wonderful candlelight dinner. He’ll always feel good in a place that gives him a homely feeling!
  5. Cancers frequently need to be reassured that they are loved and treasured. Gifts like photo frames, cards and handmade items are the best way of showing your interest in them and in their preoccupations.

Keep these in mind, and go ahead with your conquering actions!

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