What Is Platonic Love

Platonic love is that kind of love shared between friends of any gender. Normally, the word “platonic love” can be described as a close relationship shared between friends of the opposite gender. They may be intimately interested in another person, but still have a strong friendship due to previous events or circumstances. This kind of relationship remains ongoing.
A platonic love relationship is a non-sexual one, having its grounds in a deep friendship between the opposites

In many countries, platonic relationships are looked upon suspiciously. People refuse to admit that platonic love is actually the suppression of various sexual supports or urges into other forms of attraction and desires. It is that kind of love which looks beyond physical bodies. According to the famous writer, Thyra Samter Winslow, “Platonic love is from the neck up.”

Platonic lovers are not hasty, impulsive and rash lovers. They are rather of an intellectual and emotional type of lovers than passionate. This type of love, like any other relations, completely lies on the basis of pleasure, which is derived from the opposite person’s company. The relationship here is dominated by imaginations and thoughts. The love is not outwardly but lives inside. In platonic love, the person dreams about the other person as a fantasy of thoughts, with a feeling of love, in a very imaginative way.

It is this platonic love which has inspired artists and poets for many, many years. It is only through friendship, that a romantic relationship sprouts up successfully. That is why it is often said that a platonic relation cannot be strictly platonic.

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