How to ask for a girl’s phone number?

You spotted this gorgeous looking girl at a pub last night, and you couldn’t get over her. To your luck, you again spotted her today at the mall. You cannot stop yourself from asking her for her number. Generally, asking a girl for her phone number can either be an easy or a very difficult task. Before approaching her, decide for self whether to be straightforward or just casual.

The steps below can be really useful when you want to ask a girl for her phone number.

  • Approach her with confidence! A girl will always appreciate a true man! Throughout the conversation, make a strong eye contact with her and put on a gentle smile on your lips.
  • Enter into a casual conversation with her! Keep it as light as possible. You could actually start your conversation by complimenting her on her looks or her dressing sense etc.
  • Then, introduce yourself and begin talking to her about anything interesting. Create a comfort level between the two of you by cracking jokes in between. Don not over do your part as this may not seem that attractive to her.
  • Once the comfort level is created, you would automatically get to how interested she is in you, and whether she would actually give you her phone number.
  • And finally, ask her for her number! Do not forget to be polite, and not too pushy. Also, avoid asking her bluntly for her number. Instead, tell her that you would love to know her better, and that if there is any number where you could reach her at.
  • Do not forget to ask her what time she would be comfortable speaking to you. Then offer her your number.
  • Let her know that you would be calling her today. Bid her a polite good bye and walk off.

It shouldn’t be such a hard work! Go ahead and make her surrender your calls!

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