The Psychology of Making a Man Fall in Love with You

Almost every one of us thinks that love just happens. We cannot make it happen! However, this is not the truth! In reality, emotions like love and hatred are completely controlled by mind. If you meet the boy/girl of your dreams, and you want him/her to fall in love with you, you have to understand his/hers mind operation.

Love is like any other psychological emotion one experiences. If you learn about this psychological stuff, you can double your chances of making someone fall in love with you.

Making someone falls in love with you! TIPS and ways of acting!

  • Common interests:

When people look for a partner, they unintentionally look for someone who resembles their likes and, at the same time, different from their dislikes.  To such cases can be made references when a person who is not so good looking, but is intelligent, will seek an intelligent and good looking partner.

  • Meeting certain Criteria:

Everyone wants his or her dream person to be perfect! Every one of us must have planned a long list of few basic criteria that the dreamt person must meet before we even think of falling in love with that person. Women are the most demanding when meeting the perfect guy. They will always choose by criteria like:

He must be a non- alcoholic

He must be funny, intelligent, not too serious but not too childish.

  • Place yourself well:

Have a good public image! The first word that should come to people’s mind when taking your name, should be rather “confident” than “loser”.

A woman has to know the right things to do when a male is her main target. Her sixth sense gives the possibility of seizing men’s psychological character, and molding it at their own will.

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