You notice the coolest guy in your college! His sense of humor, his dressing code and his dimpled smile are killing you! From now long, you fall into the “crushes” category!

Symptoms which recommend you as “crushed”:

  • The very sight of him makes you feel butterflies dancing in your stomach, and your cheeks get all pink and red.
  • You have no idea who he is, never ever spoken to him. Yet, you feel embarrassed and nervous whenlooking at him.
  • You begin jumbling up your words.


If this is how you feel when noticing that “special one”… well, it sounds like you have a crush.

As we grow up, along with our body, our feelings also change. We become mature, our feelings ripen too.  A “crush” is that special feeling you develop for someone you really like. You may like this person because of his dressing code, the way he speaks or even his sense of humor. When you have a crush on someone, you fall into a dilemma. You wonder whether you like him or you love him.

Your crush can be a neighbor, your classmate, your best friend, a friend of your sister or brother, an older kid, or even a teacher from school.
It’s not strange if you get fuzzy feelings when you are around that “special person”. You may feel giddy, tongue tied, speechless and shy.
A crush may last for amoment or you can be struck by it for life!

Crushes are exciting, fresh and new.  Enjoy every moment while it lasts! Someday you may be talking about your “first crush” to your kids.


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