The Chemistry of Love

Have you ever wondered why you begin to sweat or blush at the very sight of your girlfriend? Why does your heart accelerate its beats when you see her? Why do you find yourself disoriented when you are with or around her? Well, the reason is the excessive release of chemicals and hormones, flooding your body from head to toe.

The chemical equation of love is based on four chemicals that react and give this complex feeling. When you get attracted to someone, a chemical called Phenyl ethylamine is released into the body, speeding up the connections on the nervous system. This makes you hyperactive and all excited. The same attraction also activates the secretion of a chemical called dopamine, which gives you a feeling of delight and laxity. The third kind of chemicals, nor epinephrine, when released into the body, raises your adrenaline to the highest degree.

These three combined together produce an amphetamine-like effect. The effect can last for six months to three years. After this period, body becomes immune to them. This is one of the reasons why people jump from one relationship to the other.

However, this doesn’t mean that relationships are over after the effect of these chemicals is over.  Researches have proved that when a person is with a lover or friend, another chemical, endorphin, rises to higher level in the body. This chemical acts like a glue, keeping relationships closely-tied. In other words, the longer people stay together, the more the level of endorphins rises till the highest degree. It has been noticed that endorphins have a stronger and long lasting effect.

Leaving aside the strictly chemical analysis, we can easily observe the attraction between two persons when they match together.

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