Conversation on first date

A first date conversation can become awkward. The conservation begins over coffee and progresses to general talk. However, the conversation starts to wane. Each of you waits for the other to speak. Unfortunately, any first date conversation can become boring and make you feel uncomfortable. The following tips can prevent a first date conversation from waning:

·         Compliment your date’s clothes

Tell him/her that you like the color of the outfit. Ask him/her from where he/she purchased it. Discussing a date’s clothing is a neutral conversation holder.

·         Ask about childhood experiences.

Most people feel comfortable discussing their childhood memories.

·         Avoid asking your partner any kind of closed ended question where he/ she would have to answer in a yes or a no. Asking him/her an open ended question could keep your conversation going.
·        Talk about a movie or your favorite actor. This would keep the conversation quite long.
Discuss current events.

Any of the above tips can enhance a first date conversation.

Just remember to cut the conversation short when it becomes boring. Always switch to a better topic.

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